Adult Ministries

Sunday School

 Sunday School meets at 9am in our Adult Sunday School Room. The class is currently studying “Zechariah–A ‘Minor’ Prophet”. The young prophet Zechariah was commissioned by God to remind the returning remnant of Babylonian captives of the spectacular future the Almighty has in store for them. They had returned to a Jerusalem covered in rubble with a destroyed Temple. After a zealous start to the rebuilding of the Temple, foundation work had stalled and the disillusioned people had begun to focus on their personal wealth and comfort. Zechariah, through 8 visions and expansive prophetic revelations of Israel’s present and future, mobilizes the people to obediently complete the Temple and trust in God’s glorious plan for them no matter how insignificant their present efforts seemed. The book of Zechariah gives us many historical details as well as helping us to understand Israel’s lofty position in Biblical eschatology. The adult class will be available as a Zoom link at

Please find recorded Sunday School lessons here.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry Exists:

  • To encourage women into whole-hearted, life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ through the study of God’s Word, which we identify as the core of our ministry.
  • To uphold each other in prayer.
  • To build joyful and authentic relationships with others.
  • To facilitate a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.
  • To serve Christ and His Church, in our homes, and in the communities in which we live with a passionate, gracious and sacrificial spirit.

More on Women’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Sensing the importance of getting men together to discuss specific gender issues and strengthen bonds of friendship, we plan events and outings throughout the year. We have enjoyed having Men’s Cookouts and trips to Grandview Speedway and Cabela’s.

Each year we complete two 6-8 week studies in a book of the Bible or other devotional book. Please see our calendar for specific meeting times.

Prayer Meetings

Monthly Prayer Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. This is a time dedicated to prayer for the needs of the church and the community. All are welcome to join in this vital ministry of the church.