Ezra Sermons

A New Normal – Ezra 10

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for joining together for our live-streamed Easter Sunday Service. We had some trouble, but thanks for sticking with us. A personal thank you for the Drive-by Parade at our house. That was a great encouragement and a neat way to see people!


For people asking about the Annual Yard Sale, we sincerely hope to have a summer yard sale this year. It is possible that it may have to be later than Memorial Day Weekend, but we would like to be able to reschedule it if needed. It would be a great way to “reopen” the church for the greater community. We will keep you posted, but if you are cleaning up and clearing out, we would love it if you hung onto that stuff until we can be sure of the Yard Sale plans. Thanks for your help with this.

Sunday Online Service

To watch any of the videos there will be links at buttervalleycc.org, or you can go directly to YouTube.com. Then search “Butter Valley Community Church,” and the new video along with past messages can be found there. You may choose to subscribe to the Church’s YouTube page.

We are hosting a Zoom after Church Fellowship Meeting, Sunday, April 19, at 11:00 am. Please go to the Wednesday Church email for a link.

Youth Group will be held Sunday, April 19 at 6:30 pm. Please go to the Wednesday Church email for a link.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting at 6:30 pm–We are continuing our weekly Church Day of Prayer and Fasting on Wednesdays followed by the evening prayer meeting over Zoom.

Online Giving–Online giving is available at https://www.buttervalleycc.org. It is a drop-down under the “Resources” heading. You can also mail check to the church at PO Box 97, Bally, PA 19503.

Here is a potentially helpful article related to the sermon about being married to someone who does not share your faith.

Mismatched Marriage: When One Spouse Is an Unbeliever

Pastor Mark

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