Ezra Sermons

I Took Courage – Ezra 7

I hope and pray that you and your family are doing well and are healthy.

Please remember to be in prayer for those who are isolated. Pray for those who are still working, and for those not able to work and the financial impact on their lives. Pray for health care and senior care workers, especially those in our own church, like Kelsey, Holly, Sam, Isaac, Theda, Rebekah, Ann, Jill, Sabrina, Ellis, and Kelly. (Sorry if anyone was inadvertently missed.) Pray for those struggling with fears and anxieties. Pray for students and especially seniors in high school and college whose plans and expectations have been so dramatically changed. Pray for the health of our older members and for those with vulnerabilities. Pray for our government leaders to make wise choices.

Our church services are closed on March 22nd and 29th, and we will keep you appraised of our status moving forward. All events at the church building are cancelled until at least March 29th. Giving can be done online at buttervalleycc.org, or checks can be mailed to the church office. Remember that Right Now Media is available and instructions for how to join are on our website. You can also find past sermons on the website recorded as audio. We are providing some suggested YouTube videos of hymns and praise songs that connect with the theme of this message from God’s Word.

If you have a need, physical or emotional, please call your deacon, deaconess, Pastor Mark, or the church office. We will be happy to see how we could help or pray with you. If anyone is afflicted with Covid-19, please let me know so that the church can be in prayer.

Let’s continue to be a church family. Pray for each other. Keep in contact with each other. Let’s help each other get through this time. We want to be as Christ to each other and to our neighbors.

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